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New Blog, Who Dis?

Welcome to my first blog post! As awkward as this post may be, I hope to look back at this post years from now, cringe, and be happy that I got better at writing blogs. For now, I got to start somewhere, so here we go!

I'm writing this blog as I look to grow my video production and photography business. What started as a hobby, filming my friends skateboarding, taking pictures just because I thought it was cool, has turned into a side hustle of filming/taking photos of weddings, podcasts, promos, and birthday parties for families at my church. As I see potential into this growing into a full time thing, I was seeking ways on how to grow and market my business, so here I am writing my first blog.

What you can expect from my blogging... I really have no idea yet! However, I do guarantee to have some level of transparency (because it make me feel more human), but still maintaining a level of professionalism (because this is a blog representing my business, after all).

Since we work a lot in the wedding industry, I do plan on posting tips for couples, hoping to help and prep them for their big day. Here's an example of a tip for a bride - bring a small sewing kit. I would say one out of every three weddings, there's always someone that asks for a sewing kit and half of those times, people are scrambling to find one.

Also, I do plan on creating blogs for unconventional filmmaking tips. For example, I highly suggest buying a cheap $7 lavalier microphone on Amazon, connecting it to an old phone, and voilà, you have a great source of audio without breaking the bank.

Lastly, Maybe I'll write a longer blog on my upbringings of filmmaking, all the way back in middle school (hopefully, I can find my footage from back then), but for my first blog post, I'll cut it here.

Thanks for reading!

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