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Newly Engaged Couples - 3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Videographer

Well, here we go! Second blog post EVER. This post is aimed towards engaged couples, so I apologize to my audience who are not exactly in this demographic. Feel Free to forward this blog to any of your engaged friends!

From time to time, I'll get inquiries from a newly engaged couple telling me that they're not sure if they want a wedding videographer and that they're strictly just inquiring. Inquiring about my services is no problem at all. Also as a newly wed myself, I can totally understand if you're on a budget. Whatever budget that you are working with, yes I highly recommend getting a wedding videographer. Towards the end of the blog, I'll post ways on how you can find the right videographer if you're on a budget, but for now, here are my top 3 reasons you need a Wedding Videographer for your special day.

1. Legacy to Your Future Children

Maybe I'm just a nerd, but I enjoyed watching my mom and dad's wedding video when I was a kid. I thought it was cool to see how my parents tied the knot because if they didn't, then of course, I wouldn't be here. Also, I was always fascinated with my roots and where I came from because my parents instilled in me at a young age on how life back then was much more different to today. I'm not saying your wedding video will completely teach your kids about your family's history, but I do think your wedding day is a huge moment that leads to the future of your family, so why not have them unravel the moments of your wedding day.

2. Re-Live Moments with Loved Ones

My apologies for this harsh truth, but if anything, I hope it motivates you to live your life with purpose. The truth is that we are all destined to leave this world and pass. As sad as that day will be, your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life. Now imagine having those moments of your loved ones captured on video, decked out in their lavish clothing, having the time of their life, as they celebrate the beginning of your journey in marriage. My hope in the future is that when that day does come for a loved one to leave this world, that you can look back on your wedding video and relive a moment in time with them.

Before I started Three23 Productions, I worked for another wedding studio, in which the grandmother of the bride had passed away. They politely asked if we had any RAW footage of her grandma during the wedding that wasn't in the Highlight or Full video, in which we did. We willingly delivered any RAW footage of her grandma to her and she was beyond thankful.

3. Moments that You Forgot that Happened

You will have a BLAST on your wedding day. However, it goes without saying that you will be busy. You might not be able to see every moment that happens or there's just so much going on, these moments might slip your mind by the next day. Well, here we are on Reason #3, wedding videographers are here to help you re-live your big day. Even the slightest details, such as what the ballroom looked like before everyone ate their dinner and put their dancing shoes on, to moments on the dance floor, like how your Best Man tried to do the Worm and completely failed, we are there to capture it!

My wife is HUGE fan of desserts and on our wedding day, she was excited to see the Venetian style dessert bar that we ordered at our reception hall. Yet, we were having so much fun that we forgot to even take a look at it. Our videographers did a great job at capturing our Venetian dessert bar.

As I conclude this article, I did mention that I would post ways on how you can find the right videographer if you're on a budget. Here are two ways.

1. Three23 Productions offers a "budget friendly" package. However if you are reading this blog, I offer huge discounts of $300 or more on select packages just for reading my blogs! Inquire about this blog post to receive a discount!

2. Contact a film school for students looking to get work in their portfolio. I can't promise you if they're work would be as good as a professional with years of experience, but if all you want is those special moments to be recorded, this is a possible option.

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27 sept 2023

13 years ago I got married and we had a wedding videographer, it’s clear that now the video does not look fresh from our wedding, but I used a converters to change the resolution and the quality of the video improved, I advise you to try it too.

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